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This module (codename "EDEN") is currently the most incomplete one. The basic idea is to create complete 3D-scenes using certain algorithms, that are created by the user using the Java-programming language. The only things which are currently implemented, is the ability to create certain random scenes and to render them.

The module also features Sunflow as an integrated renderer, which can produce awesome results. Unfortunalely, the Sunflow-project was not updated for a very long time. But the author still believes in this rendering-system, at least to deliver excellent previews.

To get just a rough idea of the current state of the module, open the program (by chosing Structure Synthesizer from within the main window-menu) and press the New Scene-button. This will create a new random scene. To render it, just press the Render-button, to get a faster preview press the IPR-button.

There is also the possibility to manually create scenes (currently only if you know the syntax), here is an example-image, the author created this way to show that the sunflow-rendering system is really awesome:
Sunflow example.jpg