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End of install

Since V2.51 the installation-process was simplified. In the most cases there is no installation at all. I. e., you download a *.zip-file prepared for youir needs, extract it at your computer and run the software.

Currently only Windows and Linux is supported, Mac-support is likely to come

Main installation packages for Windows (without native DLL's)

JWildfire for Windows 32 Bit
JWildfire for Windows 64 Bit

Native DLL's (only for Chaotica-Bridge and Leap-Motion-Controller-support)

Windows 32Bit
Windows 64Bit

Visual C++ Redistributable Packages für Visual Studio 2013 (vcredist_x64)

When Chaotica can not load the plugins, especially the 64Bit plugins, it may be necessary to install the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013.

Main installation packages for Linux

Linux 32Bit
Linux 64Bit
Please note that a 32bit package might not work on 64Bit Linux