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flam3 and the algorithm (" cosmic recursive fractal flames ") itself was invented by Scott Draves Apophysis 2.0 was created by Mark Townsend, Ronals Hordijk, Piotr Borys and Peter Sdobnov The current version of Apophysis called " Apophysis7X " was created and is maintained by Georg Kiehne.

Lots of great plugins (variations) were created by lots of nice people. Unfortunately it is not such easy to create a complete list to give them credit but I will continously work on this.

julia3D and lots of others were created by Joel Faber

crackle, dc_perlin, hexes and synth were created by Neil Slater (slobo777)

phoenix_julia, splits3D and Truchet were created by Chris J (TyrantWave)

Kaleidoscope and layered_spiral was created by Will Evans (eevans1)

GlynnSim1, GlynnSim2, GlynnSim3 and SphericalN were created by eralex61

bCollide, bMod, bSwirl, bTransform, circlize2, circus, collideoscope, Eclipse, eCollide, eJulia, eMod, eMotion, ePush, eRotate, eScale, eSwirl, flipy, flipcircle, Glynnia, ortho, lazyTravis, squarize, squish, target and unpolar were created by Michael Faber

nBlur, linearT and linearT3D were created by FractalDesire

barycentroid, boarders2, blur_zoom, curl_sp, dc_bubble, dc_carpet, dc_cube, dc_linear, dc_triangle, dc_ztransl, extrude, falloff2, falloff3, gdoffs, julian2, julian3Dx, npolar, post_bwraps2, post_dcztransl, post_falloff2, post_rblur, pre_boarders2, pre_bwraps2, pre_curl, pre_dcztransl, ripple, sph3D, swirl2, xheart and xtrb were created by Xyrus02

checks was created by Keeps and Xyrus02

Lissajous and Waffle were created by Jed Kelsey

BiLinear was created by Shortgreenpigg

farblur was created by zephyrtronium

Epispiral was created by cyberxaos

hypertile, hypertile1, hypertile2, hypertile3D, hypertile3D1, hypertile3D2, juliaq, julia3Dq, murl, poincare3D, post_juliaq and post_julia3Dq were created by Zueuk

cubic_3D, cubicLattice_3D, fibonacci2, inflateZ_*, foci_3D, hexaplay3D, hexnix3D, ho, loonie_3D, ovoid3d, popcorn2_3D, post_spin_z, pre_spin_z, pRose3D, roundspher3D, scry_3D, waves2_3D was created by Larry Berlin (aporev)

Juliac and SuperShape3d were created by David Young (Sc0t0ma)

pre_sinusoidal, pre_disc, sinusoidal3d, svf and taurus were created by gossamer light

sintrange was created by Ffey

blocky, bubble2, mcarpet, octagon and splitbrdr were created by FracFx

fourth was created by guagapunyaimel

circleblur, post_depth, post_smartcrop, shredlin, sineblur and starblur were created by Zy0rg

lazyjess was created by FarDareisMai

voron was created by eralex61

bubbleT3D, linearT and linearT3D were created by FractalDesire

line, onion, onion2 and sphere_nja were created by Nic Anderson (chronologicaldot)

asteria, bwrands, devil_warp, ennepers2, jac_cn, jac_dn, jac_sn, log_db, loonie2, loonie3, oscilloscope2, scry2, target_sp, waves2b, yin-yang and ztwister were created by dark-beam

ennepers, funnel, petal, rays1, rays2, rays3, rippled, roundspher, squirrel and tancos were created by Raykoid666

bsplit was created by Raykoid666 and was improved by Nic Anderson

exblur was created by zephyrtronium and translated by dark-beam

whitney_umbrella was created by Don Town

pow_block was created by cothe and optimized by dark-beam

vogel was created by Victor Ganora

Numerous fractal artworks for the launcher were contributed by Andreas Maschke, Catherine Boyer, Don Town, Isabelle Derycke, Jason Taylor, Jean-noel Latour, Kathleen Farago May, Lorant Buntye, Martin Flink, Michael Hogan, Norbert H., Patricia Maschke, Rick Chapman, Shyru Ban, Sixx Ryan, Stephen Nesbit, Tom Allen and Vương Tử Trực. The list of all variations and their properties was created and provided by Don Town. The visual variation guide was created by Georg Carlson. JWildfire, all *_wf variations and several fractal artworks used in the software were created by Andreas Maschke (thargor6). Special thanks to Wolf Maschke for helping to choose the right icons to use at certain places ;-) Very special thanks to Martin Flink and Raúl Ricardo de Castro a.k.a Lú Bendett for their endless efforts for supporting our community! We love you! BETA-TESTING Thanks to Martin Flink, Missy Gainer and Lú Bendett for doing a great job!

THIRD-PARTY COMPONENTS> JWildfire uses the following third-party components: Janino Java compiler Java Fast Math JLayer mp3 library JTattoo Look and Feel library JTransforms FFT library Open Icon Library Sunflow open source renderer SVG Salamander CERN Colt library JOCL (Java bindings for OpenCL)